How To Outperform Your Own Personal Growth & Development


Steve Jobs answered this best:


“If you do something and it turns out pretty good, then you should go do something else wonderful, not dwell on it for too long, just figure out what is next”

And so, Today I will “DO” the very thing I need to do in order to continue growing…This is my very first Blog…But don’t let 2X Best Selling Author fool you…read on til the end & I’ll share my story. First, this blog is for YOU, so you can achieve empowering changes in your life. By the end of this blog, you will understand that I am here to Inspire you to be the Best that YOU can Be! I call it ~ taking “Elegant Gutsy Action”

As a 2x Best Selling Author, you would think this new life project would be easy but my comfort zone right now is far from relaxed. As a student of personal growth & development for over 20+ years (I don’t want to date myself too much, now), I know all too well that we need to push ourselves to places where we never thought possible.

I have developed a Be, Do, Have, Gutsy Gal mentality because you’ll never outperform your own personal growth & development, if you don’t.

What if you knew your life could be better?

And what if you knew it didn’t have to be so hard?

And what if you could be guided by someone who has
“Been there ~ Done that”?

Today, I “DO” step out of my comfort zone for the whole world to see. Why?

Because: “Life is inherently risky. There is only one big risk you should avoid at all costs, and that is the risk of doing nothing” -Denis Waitley (Think about it, Where is your life 5 years from now if you don’t take risks to grow?)

Because: I know we can have it all. Women & Men (the old me would just say women but I’m growing…) What story are you telling yourself? Success comes with a price? or I’ll have to give up something personal to achieve business success? What if you changed your story to be “I can have success without compromising my values, my family, my personal life and my profits.

Because: The online experts say Blogging is a Vital Tool for any business’s success. Most people try to do away with their fears, the truth is, you can’t do away with them forever BUT you can control and master them so they don’t stop you! It’s called, Take ONE STEP at a time and then STACK those actions on top of one another!

Because: I believe in having a business while having a life at the same time. Success without fun, freedom & fulfillment is failure…period

Still here? Good, Here’s the story I promised, It will prove how committing to writing a blog is so out of my comfort zone.

Classic example of if she can do it, So CAN I

Remember how I said earlier that I am a best-selling author, pretty impressive huh? Well, what’s impressive to me is the “I” part. Because I never in my wildest dreams ever thought I could ever be an Author! Not me, I had less than zero confidence in my writing skills. I never was good in English during school (actually didn’t like it and shut down on listening to any teachers). I grew up on the streets of Brooklyn, my forte is talking not writing. Heck, I would rather talk in front of a room full of strangers than write a story! And, isn’t the fear of speaking ahead of the fear of death. So what, I’d rather die than write!

So, how did I become a best selling author in 6 weeks! Yes, you read that right!

Here’s How:

I knew the publishers. I knew they were looking for authors, I even referred a few. I always heard that becoming a best-selling author would enhance my career, give me recognition and credibility, but my self-talk said “I would love to but…”

Then, it happened

After promoting it for 6 months, I received the email that said “Last chance, only 1 spot left”

Something in me just said “If I don’t do this now I’ll never do it”

So I listened to my gut and took the leap of faith. I trusted in the process and say “I’ll just figure it out along the way”

It was a simple as that…what is your gut telling you, that you have been ignoring?

Read an excerpt from my testimonial:

It was the most self-fulfilling project I have ever completed. I was able to share my message to the world and be an inspiration to others. This rewarding experience has helped me further solidify my passions in life. The experts were right, today, I receive amazing recognition and credibility but along the way, surprisingly, I found peace within. “

If I didn’t take the plunge and write that first book, I would not be a professional speaker, coach & trainer today.

And, Look at me now, committing to blogging consistently!

THIS IS THE BEGINNING OF OUR GUTSY GAL COMMUNITY, where we will feature “Gutsy Gals of the Week”, and “Gutsy Gals Tell All” Stories
We are here to share enormous value and content so you can “Awaken Your Inner Gutsy Gal” to have the Business & Life that you Dream about.
You are invited to join us

As Always…YOU are Gutsier Than YOU Think!


Crusader for the Gutsy Gal Life!

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