Gutsy Gal of the Week ~ Danielle Buccellato: Owner/Founder, Renaissance Pilates, Hoboken & Red Bank, NJ


Danielle is a woman to watch! When she opened Renaissance Pilates in Hoboken, NJ more than ten years ago, she harnessed a passion for fitness and wellness, $10k of her own savings invested, the desire to help people and the desire to succeed and she wasn’t even 30 yrs old yet!

A few years back, I had the pleasure of attending her company Christmas Party for her customers & employees. I walked away knowing that everyone adored her. I wasn’t surprised she is one of the most compassionate loving & caring soul I have ever met. She is chosen here because she is a perfect model of how to have a successful business without compromising her values, her family or her personal life. She is a fabulous example of exuding authentic feminine power!
I’d say she takes “Elegant Gutsy Action”

I know you will enjoy her Magazine write up I have included.

Here is an excerpt, she is talking about her corporate job prior to starting her own business:

“At first, I was intimidated working in the commodity pits in the city, then I became more comfortable and open to my surroundings. The experience gave me bravery to understand that I wanted to do something for myself and for others” said Buccellato

Well bravo to Ms. Buccellato! As a student of her Renaissance Pilates studio I can say firsthand that she is succeeding in doing just that,100% attention to everyone’s needs including her own, now that’s a Gutsy Gal.

And, she has turned this ex-hard core Body Builder (me) into a Pilates believer! Let me tell you, Pilates can stand up to any free weight training. If you are in NJ, you must go check out her studios. It is as elegant as her and it will kick your booty too! Especially the BodyArt Xtreme, Core Force – STABY, TABATA Fusion, Will, Power & Grace, IO-Ball CORE/CARDIO Strength & XtendBarre classes. How can I not love them ~ Will, Power & Grace ~ such a Gutsy Gal name!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am proud to introduce you to Danielle Buccellato

Industry Magazine – June 2014

When I asked Danielle “What does Gutsy Gal mean to you”?
Here’s what she had to say:

“A Gutsy Gal is a strong and confident women who braves the day with anticipation to complete the next task. A Gutsy Gal works hard and follows through but always makes sure to add an element of fun. She knows she’s setting an example as a mentor and so she consciously lives by that example, both for herself and for others!”

Need I say more…

Here’s her website Http://


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