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Roe is the go-to resource for heart-centered women who want to succeed in business and in life, Roe knows her own inner Gutsy Gal and is expert at knowing how to help you find the one inside yourself. A professional coach, best-selling author, popular speaker, an successful entrepreneur, she broke corporate glass ceilings for years as a top exec on Wall Street----all while being married raising children, and having the time to enjoy it. Her Gutsy Gal Guide Series---workshops, talks, group retreats and individual coaching sessions---both live and on-line---inspire women to find their courage, feel confident every day and have a career and life that they love. "I'm here to help women be strong, powerful, feminine, and authentic---to get out of their own way, speak up, know their worth so they can attract ideal clients and turn passions into profits--all on her own terms" Ready to be a Gutsy Gal? Go to Roe

Feminine Gutsy Leadership is OURS for the Taking!

I have been saying Women make great leaders since my Wall St. days of the 80″s. Recently, as I was putting together a list of the top leadership qualities in people, I saw with amazing clarity, why this is true and what our challenges are. Women have so many natural characteristics of leadership. Our femininity […]

Top 10: Ways to Authentically Lead by Example

Good leaders must lead by example. Gutsy Gals make GREAT Leaders! Through your actions, which are aligned with what you say, you become a person others want to follow. When you as a leader say one thing but do another, you erode trust, a critical element of productive leadership. Here are 10 of the dozens of ways Gutsy Gals lead by example.